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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday - Fashion Column

It is Saturday, and that means it is time for another fashion article. Tomorrow many of us will be treated, hopefully, to seeing lots of little girls in their pretty Easter dresses. Maybe some of you have a new Easter dress as well.

I found a few dresses I liked from designer Joan Calabrese. My credit card company does not like them, however. But if I had the cash, I would go for something like these:

Or, if those are too fussy, you could go with something simpler and more conservative:


Now, I love this, BUT I want to have one made for me with one small change - I want the overlay to be purple lace, and I would like there to be sleeves (any seamstresses out there reading?):

Speaking of sleeves, that is the one big problem I have with many little girl dresses today. What the heck happened to sleeves? I suppose the only thing you can do is break down and buy a matching bolero for each dress: