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Monday, June 13, 2011

A Nazi Can Change His ...er.... HER ... Spots?

A leopard may not be able to change its spots, as the saying goes, but this ex-Neo-Nazi from Germany can change political parties .... and sex. Horst Strub was a member of Germany's NPD party - a Neo-Nazi political party - ten years ago. But now, Horst is known as Monika, after going through a sex change. As dramatic as the physical change, Stub has also changed political philosophy and now campaigns for the socialist Left party.

Here are some pictures so you can compare the change.
She's quite pretty - but I'm positive our viewpoints would clash!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

An Old Point/Counterpoint Article

This article came from "The Onion" over 10 years ago - during the last century, in fact. It may still be there. I am publishing it under "Fair Use".

PointI Want To Be A FiremanBY KIMBERLY MEIER 
When I grow up, I want to be big and strong and brave and put out fires. I want to ride in a big red truck and wear a raincoat and a red hat. I want to be a fireman!

Firemen are the best people because they put out fires. The fires burn down buildings, but the firemen come in trucks and put out the fires with water from hoses and from fire hydrants. They go in the burning houses if people are inside and can't get out. Even if the buildings are on fire! And they get everybody out so they don't get hurt. Because firemen are very brave and like to help people by stopping the fires from burning all the houses down. And rescuing the people, too.

I already have a book about firemen and about fire trucks, too.

When I get big I'm going to be a fireman. I am. I will live in the big firehouse with the other firemen, and so will Mrs. Kitty, and I will shine up the trucks--the Pumper Truck and the Hooking Ladder Truck, and I will shine them all shiny.

And if there is a fire I will slide down the big pole. I'll slide right down--zooom! Also, I will slide down all the time even if there is not a fire. And I will play with the spotted dog, and so will my kitty. Her name is Mrs. Kitty!

Mrs. Kitty was up in a tree that time, you know? And she was scared to come down? And the fireman came and got her down, you know? With a ladder! And they gave me a fireman badge and it says "Fireman" on it, and they said I was an honorary fireman girl! Just like them. And so Mrs. Kitty wants to be a fireman now 'cause she got saved and I want to be a fireman, too. But because I already am a fireman. A honorary one. But I will be one for real, too, someday, but first I have to grow up.

CounterpointI Want To Be A Seven-Year-Old-GirlBY TOM GIBSON, FIREMAN 
I enjoy being a fireman. It's a rewarding job, putting out fires and helping people in need. Besides, it's a very tangible way of helping the community. People respect you when you're a fireman.

But despite the fact that lugging heavy hoses, smashing through burning walls with a fire axe, and carrying victims across your shoulders can be quite fulfilling, it's also a big responsibility. It's tough being a big strong man day in and day out. I guess that's why I so often find myself daydreaming about being an adorable, precious little seven-year-old girl.

Being seven, now, that would be the life. I would wear a pretty little yellow jumper while I skipped rope, and I'd know all the words to jump-rope rhymes like, "Cinderella Dressed In Yellow." I could even pretend I was Cinderella in my pretty little yellow jumper. Not that I'd have just the one jumper, mind you; I'd have dozens, in many different colors, and lots of beautiful sun-dresses, and lots of adorable, lacy, frilly white socks to wear with my buckle-shoes. I would have a lot of outfits, and they'd all be much more comfortable than this 30-pound raincoat.

I would have one very special pink flowery pinafore that I would only wear to teatime with Pooh and Paddington and Raggedy Ann. I would wear this dress with a sweet little bonnet with ribbons, and my hair would be long and fine and done up in bows. I would be a pretty little girl, very prim and proper and delicate--not some big, burly ox who can barely get his finger through the cup-handle without breaking the cup half the time. I would always stick my pinky out while I sipped from my cup. There would be biscuits and little white cakes, as well, and I would throw a simply delightful afternoon tea party.

I would be the very best little girl in the world, and the grownups would buy me lollipops and treats and generally spoil me. I would say, "Please" and "Thank you" and "If you please, ma'am," and the grownups would protect me and keep me safe, and no one would ever expect me to get out of bed at four in the morning and lug some damn hippie out of the raging apartment fire he started with his grow lights.

I would not be lazy, though. I would go around with my miniature feather duster, wearing that cute blue frock I have way in the back of my closet, and I'd keep everything spic-and-span. The firemen would tousle my hair and say I was a good little girl, and they'd play hide-and-seek with me and tuck me in at night and sing me lullabies. They'd hardly ever have to spank me until my little bottom turned pink.

I would be such a good girl, I would be able to stay little forever and ever. I'd never have to grow up and get big and clumsy and ugly and hairy and hate my smelly body. I would be cute and dainty forever, like all little girls should. 

I realize that "The Onion" is supposed to be a comedy site (although, I rarely find much there that I think is all that funny). However, I can remember when I first came across this, not too long after it was first published. I was very early into my beginning of understanding being LG, and this struck a chord. It was quite awhile before I learned that it was not a serious article ... because much of what the "fireman" wrote sounds exactly like many LGs. Maybe some of it is a little over-the-top, but then I know a lot of LGs who are somewhat over-the-top, too! (Myself included!)

Many real little girls would never understand why we would want to be like them. They are looking forward to growing up and trying new things - just like the "little girl" wrote in this article. They don't realize someone else longs to be in the situation they are now in. The grass is always greener...

I once had an odd dream. In the dream, I was a little girl - maybe 9 or 10 years old. It felt perfectly natural that I should be her - not like I was dreaming or that anything was not as it should be. I was helping in the kitchen - preparing food. It was very old fashioned, like maybe turn-of-the-century. There were men sitting at the table to eat - no women sat down to eat with them. It was dark, and there was a pot-bellied stove. I was wearing a long dress, with a pinafore or apron over it. Though I get the impression this girl would not have had an easy life, I did not get any bad feelings in the dream. It also was not exceptional in any way whatsoever - it was just a very common moment. Though I have no idea who the people in the house in my dream were, my dream identity knew them. It has always felt to me that some little girl from the past shared a perfectly normal minute from her life with me - one that would show that the life of a normal girl is not made up of all significant events - and yet that is a very special memory I now have.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Some of you may notice that I don't update very much. That's going to change. I've had some things lately that blocked my creative energy, but now I have brought those circumstances under control and can get back into doing what I like to do, which hopefully also makes my readers happy (and draws some new ones).

You may also notice the ads. I have incorporated this as a way to supplement a struggling income. I hope they are not too intrusive, and that you will still find my blog enjoyable.