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"Sparkle!" is a blog especially for all ALG's. "What is 'ALG'?" you ask? Well, that stands for "Adult Little Girl." This is a person who loves all things associated with being a little girl ... innocence, gentleness, playfulness ... anything you may associate with them. The ALG feels that they have a female child personality that is part of them, whether they are biologically male or female and no matter what age they are. Often they may dress as their personality dictates, act as it dictates, and feel as it dictates.

This blog is not adult in nature and commentors are asked to keep this in mind. You will not find nudity or sexually themed content here, so if that is what you are looking for you should go elsewhere.

What you will find here are fun activities and light-hearted links, fashion updates from the world of little girl, and personal views of things that relate to our "community" in general.

I hope you enjoy the blog, and your comments are welcome.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday - Religion and Culture

Ok - so it is past midnight and I'm a little late. Just pretend I finished on Sunday.

This is sort of a strange one to do on a Sunday, because while I chose Sunday for Religion and Culture for some obvious reasons - those I will be writing about today have a much more religious view concerning Saturday. Now you probably realize from that, there is a link to Judaism in this article.

Lest we go too far and you say, "Well, THIS has nothing to do with girls," and you leave without reading any further, let me throw this out at you - Girl Scouts.

I hope I have your attention. What could possibly be the link between Judaism and Girl Scouts? It seems a troop of Girl Scouts in New York City has achieved something of a record in the 100 year history of Girl Scouts of America - Troop 3131 is the first all Jewish Girl Scout Troop. Realizing this, they focus on the Jewish Heritage of the members.

Girl Scouts of America encourages its members to study and be proud of their heritage. One of the badges Girl Scouts and Junior Girl Scouts can earn is the "My Heritage" badge. A quick Google of "Girl Scouts" and "Heritage" shows many GSUSA programs focusing on culture and heritage.

Troop 3131 holds their meetings at Chabad-Lubavitch of the West Side in New York City. At a recent meeting, a youth director at the Chabad House presided over their discussion, and is quoted as saying: "We are lucky to live in America today where we have the freedom to celebrate our religion easily."

Well-put, and it can be said that while girls may have been overlooked in the past as an integral link in preserving certain cultures, this seems to be fading out. In the past few years, there has been much emphasis on the Jewish Community on bringing up girls to understand their heritage from a very young age - and teaching it through the use of one things many girls have always loved - dolls. The most recent historical doll released by Mattel in the long-standing American Girl Dolls line is Rebecca - their first Jewish character - who lives in New York City in 1914.


Here is an article that tells a bit more about Troop 3131, and how they got started:

Note: The articles that were used in writing this article suggested that this is the first and possibly only All-Jewish GSUSA troop, but the comments in the cited article, and some Google searching, make this appear to not be completely true.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday: Fashion Column

Each day we will have a different feature here at Sparkle. Saturday will be dedicated to fashion. As should be expected, young girl fashion style is what will be in the spotlight.

My favorite style is the pettiskirt. That puts me in some interesting company. The pettiskirt first really started to gain popularity when Dakota Fanning wore one to the 2003 Teen Choice Awards, and she appeared in People Magazine wearing one. From the point, hundreds of orders for them poured in to Kandi Lightner, the designer. Eventually the business became known as Kaiya Eve. Here is a page all about Kandi Lightner, with some pictures of famous little firls in her skirts: http://www.kaiyaeve.com/designer/

Another young fashionista who loves the pettiskirt is Emily Grace Reaves (picture in this post). If you don't recognize the name - one day you will. She is the cousin of Miley Cyrus, BFF to Noah Cyrus (Miley's little sister), and gained fame by playing Cindy Lou in the Hannah Montana Movie. Emily has recently collaborated with "Ooh! La La! Couture" to produce her own line of dresses and skirts - many styled after the pettiskirt. Much of this is to lend awareness to her charity foundation, Lollipops and Rainbows.

Emily's Line of Clothes: http://www.prlog.org/10351802-ooh-la-la-couture-presents-the-emily-grace-collection-by-disney-actress-emily-grace-reaves.html

Emily's Foundation: http://www.lollipopsandrainbows.com

Emily's own site: http://www.emilygracereaves.com

Note: Many false reports were circulated when someone started a false rumor that Emily and Noah Cyrus had designed a line of lingerie for children. This was patently untrue and ridiculous. "Sparkle" disavows any part to this circulated false rumor.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A New Beginning

As many know, I went through some changes since the beginning of the year, and for reasons I will keep personal I took down my website and along with it a webzine which was very close to my heart. However, "Knuffles, The Magazine" had filled its purpose and in some ways it was time to move on to something new. It became apparent to me that currently, a blog would be the way to go. This will give me ease of updating, and I already have several ideas on different features to publish.

Sammy of Ikklespace came up with this idea to name it something like twinkle or sparkle, and I felt that really fit my personality (and anyone who knows me knows it also fits my wardrobe). Things that are sparkly or shiny can draw my attention quickly.

Some may be new to the world of LG. This may be the first time you are reading about it. I would like to try and summarize my view, but please keep in mind this is how *I* feel, and another LG might feel differently about what and who she is. One reason we struggle so much for acceptance is because people try to fit everyone into a box they think the person should fit in ... and we don't fit in it ... so the last thing I want to do is try to make a box that says, "To be LG, you MUST be this."

LG stands for Little Girl. In some ways it crosses the Age Play or Inner Kid community, and in other ways it can cross the Transgender Community. It is not merely a subset of TG, as there are also LGs who are biologically female as well as those who are biologically male. In short, an LG is anyone who feels she has a Little Girl spirit. She may be very pronounced or somewhat hidden, she may be very outgoing or very shy.

There is a misconception that LGs all like super-frilly dresses. Note I said it is a MISconception! We have all sorts of fashion tastes, just like any other group of girls! Personally, I like velvet ... and of course, glitter or sequins. It is probably, however, a safe assumption that almost every LG has at least one petticoat (even the most "averse to frilliness" LG I know has one petticoat).

There is a misconception it is all about sex. I said I didn't want to try and force LG into a box when I started to write this - but in all honesty I don't know any LG who feels it is about sex. Most of us are very adverse to any sexual overtones (or undertones) concerning our LG personalities.

That all explained, you will be better able to understand the very "G" rated nature of this blog - we are children, and we enjoy many of the same things children enjoy. That's what will be celebrated in Sparkle - childish femininity.

I hope you will enjoy and comment.