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Friday, July 13, 2012

Hello Kitty Living!

Remember my post about the San Diego Chargers football player who drives a little Hello Kitty car? It's here if you've forgotten: http://girlsparkle.blogspot.com/2011/10/now-thats-smart-car.html

Well, this defies even that. Here we have a Hello Kitty HOUSE! It's in Shanghai.

And the interior has as much a Hello Kitty theme as the exterior:

From this picture, it appears there are two:

So, like I said - this is in Shanghai (do I gots any Shanghai readers out there??  Maybe I do now...). I dunno if I'll ever get there, but I hear there is now one being built in Connecticut by some really rich person. Has Hello Kitty appliances and everything!

Friday, July 6, 2012

"Praying Away The Gay...."

Initially, I was just in horror and shock at what I heard in this video I happened to find this morning. I wasn't looking for it, I was looking at something else and this one came up on the preview sidebar ... you know how that is, when you see another video you want to watch and then another, and suddenly you've been watching random videos for an hour and can't remember how you ended up on Youtube in the first place? Anyway it was posted over a year ago, so I guess this is old news. Interesting I noticed the news guy appears to be that one who recently caused a stir by saying he is gay. I just kinda thought, "....and?"

It took awhile to digest it all and pull a few points together I want to make. I'd like to say them before posting the video, so it shows below.

1. Most people know I think gay sex is wrong. I also think any sex outside of marriage is wrong. I also think divorce, getting drunk, telling lies, and a lot of other things are wrong. None are any worse than any other. I don't think I am any better than a person who engages in homosexual behavior, because sometimes I lose my temper, and that's wrong too.

2. Some people ask me, if I think homosexual acts are wrong, how can I dress up like a little girl (or, in some cases, a baby)? I wear diapers, yet I have the nerve to say homosexual acts are wrong?  Well, frankly ... yes. Yes, I do. That's because I live by the New Testament of the Bible, and in Romans it pretty clearly marks homosexual acts as being sinful. That said, I'm pretty sure God is more interested in bigger things than whether I wear pants or a dress, or briefs, boxers, panties, or diapers!

3. This is where the video really comes in. Feminine does NOT mean gay! I am feminine - I love to have long hair, put it in pigtails, wear ribbons, lace, the color purple, dresses, skirts, paint my nails, and play with dollies. At the same time, I can utterly assure you that I am straight. I am a sexual being as well as being a "Little Girl", and the sexual part of me is male and prefers women. Anybody who has been at a few LG Camps with me has seen that I had every opportunity with more than one suitor to see if I was homosexual or not.  :: Giggle ::   I'm not.

4. I think these "pray away the gay" campaigns are ridiculous. They make people think that if they pray hard enough, if they wait upon the Lord, they will be "healed". I don't think so. You might have to struggle with that all your life. It's horrible, I agree. But I believe a person can possibly be born gay, just as I believe I was born straight, and maybe that can't be changed. It doesn't make it right to go out and have gay sex. I told you - I am straight, but you know - I haven't fulfilled the requirements for heterosexual sex either - so I have not had it. I'm a virgin.

5. I think the treatment the two men seen in the video experienced should be criminal. I do believe the doctors involved were TRYING to help. But it should have been obvious that irreparable harm was being done to the little boy. You know, he ...or she ... looked very happy in the picture wearing a pink dress. His mother said the spanking he got once from his father would be abuse today..... well guess what, lady? It was abuse THEN, TOO!

6. If you are gay, that doesn't mean we can't be friends. I don't screen my friends by their sexual preferences. I won't attempt to save you nor will I argue or badger you about your lifestyle. If you ASK me, I'll tell you what I think. And I might write what I think on things that belong to me, like this blog.

Now, the video:

Part 1:

Part 2

Part 3