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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to me...

Today is my LG Birthday. Some people may wonder what an LG Birthday is, and why I get two birthdays a year.

Actually, I, as a whole, get 3 birthdays a year. One is the day my body was born. That is my Big's Birthday and it is in the Spring. One is the anniversary of the day I was born again, and became a Christian - that is in the Summer. And then there is today.

It was 11 years ago today that I began earnestly to search online to answer the question of why I am the way I am - or more correctly, if there was anyone else who felt the way I do about things. After bypassing the "Sissy" sites, which were way more sexual and humiliation based than I felt, I came upon the site of someone from the UK, who was going by the name Rebeckah. Her site was in detail the same things I felt. That day, my LG spirit was born. I contacted Rebeckah and she helped me a lot in those first days. Eventually I met Catrina and Arcee (my "twin") on chat, and they told me of another chatroom that was daily. There, I met my sisters Karen Marie, and later, Spinner, and later than that I met another sister - Emily. I also have another sister I met somewhere else ... Henrietta. These are my closest friends.

There have been a lot of changes since then. Some were by choice, some were forced upon me by circumstance. Some were because I was not careful enough. I just felt, and still feel, that there can be nothing wrong with emphasizing what is innocent and beautiful - but others who do not understand the LG mindset turn it into something it is not, they twist it, and as a result many of us must stay hidden for now. It is not our place or intent to upset people. We just want to be allowed to experience life from our perspective.

My first LG birthday, everyone forgot. I was heartbroken. Since then, I made a lot of friends in certain places, but now that I have left those places (one of those "forced upon me by circumstance" changes), I wonder if anyone will remember that today is my LG Birthday. I hope they will.