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Monday, August 22, 2011

:: Giggle :: One more pic

I found one more from my Easter trip. I think it shows the detail of my dress better.  Sorry about the blur on the side - a friend was standing next to me (although she probably wouldn't care if I showed her or not, it's just not ethical). And you know why the face is blurred.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Personal View: Going Out In Public Dressed LG

So - I am hoping that once I make this post, I am getting enough readers that will want to comment on it. That would be great.

Basically, my email account was hacked this week.  It was all over some silly little worm and Google shut down my email as soon as it was discovered.  I just needed to verify it by phone which I did, then sent an apology to all the people who were sent the stupid thing from my email.

Anyway, in all that I ended up missing some posts from Fetlife. By the time I got to the threads, they had both been shut down. The main subject was a man who goes out in public dressed as a baby, and whether this is acceptable or not, and boy did a lot of people ever let him have it! I didn't get to have my say there... and since I have this handy little blog, I thought I'd spin it just a bit and pose the question here. Unlike certain overreactive moderators, I won't shut down discussion on the subject here - HOWEVER, I simply won't post comments that are nothing but hateful or threatening attacks. Keep on subject and it will be fine, even if you post contentiously. I've ALWAYS been controvesial myself, in every area of life, anyway. ;-)

So here are my thoughts on the matter - which is this - is it okay to dress as a little girl and go out in public dressed that way? It's interesting because my views really have changed in the last several years. Knowing that, I am willing to believe that a lot of people who say one thing today will feel differently about it in the future as well. I used to believe it was wrong to do so; that it should be kept inside and private. And there are some things I still think fall in that range. I don't believe someone should go out for cheap sexual thrills, I believe diapers should be covered, and I believe panties should not be on display. 

That said, if a person is dressed in a respectable manner and all private body parts are covered, what does it harm? Is it better to sit inside and watch out of the window, or is it better to go out and play? We all know the answer to that. 

I've been out many times. The first time was merely because my brakes had gone bad as I was driving to a weekend event. At that time, most people stayed on campus at the resort the entire weekend. Going out dressed LG was almost unheard of and not really spoken of. I had dropped my car off at a garage nearby.  The day they finished fixing it, I had already changed back to boy clothes several times to go to stores, and frankly I was tired of it. I said, "Y'know what? I should just go dressed like this!" I was in a little schoolgirl dress and white tights and saddle shoes. And then my friends and sisters egged me on, so - I did. And when I got there, I skipped right up to the counter and chirped, "Hiya! Got my car ready yet?"  The guy at the desk was SOOOOO professional - he would not even look up at me.  :: Giggle ::

I went several more times ... such as going to get pizza... over the next couple years. Then one Spring, a TG friend named Cheryl was going out shopping and invited me along. That was the first time I went more than one place.... several stores in the town and had a LOT of people see me. And I didn't die. In fact it was fun to just be me.

I started going into NYC on the day after our weekends dressed in clothes that would be questionable ... such as Tinkerbell overalls (I sewed the patches on myself!  Yeah... me! *I* sewed something!) Then I went to see some friends in SC and we went to Charleston dressed LG.  I began to notice that most people simply do not care. And those that do care, love it. The negative reactions are extremely rare.

I've been to botanical gardens twice. Malls and Walmarts several times. Hotels. A zoo. Too many restaurants to count. Children?  Yeah - I have been around many and had my picture taken with a bunch of them. I've had one little girl compliment my dress, and I had another take one look at me, frown, and run off. No children were emotionally harmed in the making of Kita Sparkles. "Vanilla people" or "normies" seem to react to us going out a heck of a lot better than "our own kind" do!

The biggest test was last Spring. I spent several days out with friends, all around Charleston. We even had a Carriage tour. I would bet over 500 people took pictures of us. I saw ONE negative reaction. Granted, a lot of people assumed we "lost a bet", even when we told them that wasn't the case.  Really - where would we have come up with such elaborate dresses had we simply "lost a bet"? Best Easter I ever had.

Here are a couple pictures of me in the dresses I wore that weekend.  Sorry I can not make the face clearer - I have had certain people make extreme trouble for me in the past and I just don't do that anymore.

Now - I don't dress like this 24/7.  Not even the 7 part, though sometimes I would like to.  There are people who depend on me to be someone else ... not a little girl .... and I take my responsibilities to them very, very seriously. Once that is fulfilled, I can be Kita. I also have responsibilities to some people as Kita, and I take those seriously as well - I do not burden them with my adult male responsibilities.

So - I go out dressed LG, and yet do not contribute to the idea that age players/littles are creepy, child molesters, or horrible people. I do not get any sexual kicks in this. And I still live up to my responsibilities. So maybe - just maybe - there are a lot more like me, and the only reason you don't hear about us is because we don't try to be sensational and thereby bring the whole judgmental world down upon our backs!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Well, "Back To School" is fully in swing now and all the stores have sales going. It has always been my practice in the past to walk through the Girls sections in the stores and see what is going to be in style for the next season, and I likely will again this year. It's always a fun thing to do.

It's not unusual for a commercial to catch my eye, especially if it is cute. Such is the case with this Back to School commercial from Staples, circa 2007 or 2008: