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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday: Serious Stuff

When a post is made on Tuesdays, it will be on serious issues regarding the LG, AB, IK (Inner Kid), AR (Age Regression), or AP (Age Play) Culture.

This week, we look at how people judge those of us who engage in these activities.

*Please note - There are some cases in which gender play and/or age play are sexual. For personal reason, I choose not to address these cases. The following editorial seeks only to defend non-sexually themed age and gender play.

One thing I find interesting is the multiplicity of groups that find the practice of age play and/or gender play to be upsetting. Put a man in one type of long black dress and send him to his job every day and we call him a Judge. Put him in another type of dress and a funny hat and we call him a Priest or a Bishop or a Cardinal. But let him wear another type of dress and he is branded as some kind of freak or pervert. Where is the logic behind that?

Age play is the same way. Wear diapers because you really can't control yourself and that is ok - but wear diapers because you want to, even though you can control yourself, and it means there's something wrong with you. Wear certain types of clothing because they make more sense going along with diapers when you are a toddler, but no wearing them when you are older than that - even if you still wear diapers for any reason.

And hearing this from me may surprise some - but the religious are oft-times the worst offenders. For a people who live and push a lifestyle that is not on par with those who are not religious, many don't seem to realize that when they point the finger at someone else, three point back at them. Why in the world would God concern himself with what kind of underwear I put on?

Think of the most innocent Human Being you can. Now, what came to mind? Either a baby or a little girl, right? So is it any big wonder that a person who loves innocence may as an alter ego choose to actually become that little girl?

Are there some cases in which Age Play may go too far? Sure. If a person becomes too immersed, they may not take care of their responsibilities. Everyone has responsibilities that should be met. In some cases we must take care of them ourselves, or we may pass some of them on to a willing and dependable partner. In some families Mom does the cooking and in some Dad really enjoys doing that. In some families Mom really likes doing the lawn care of fixing things around the house, or taking care of the car. Why should it always be that women do household chores and men do lawn work and car repair? The notion is ridiculous. In any case, as long as we meet our own responsibilities, what does it matter what we do in our own time among willing participants?

Everyone has their vices - their own way of relaxing and dealing with stress. Some like to do outdoor activities like hiking or cycling. Some like to go out to dinner or to a movie. Some just veg out at home and watch TV. Still others harm themselves by illegal drugs, over-indulgence in alcohol, or multiple sexual partners. Once in awhile, someone who is high-profile is found to be someone who likes to engage in AB or some such activity (Senator Vitter comes to mind), and people get all up in arms about it. But you can be an alcoholic (Senator Kennedy comes to mind here) and stay in office for decades.

What are your thoughts? Why do people get so uptight about these sub-cultures, but not about things that may actually cause harm?