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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Now that's a smart car!

So what does a 6-foot-4, 320-pound NFL defender drive?  

Most of us would answer that with a hearty, "Whatever he wants to!" Antonio Garay of the San Diego Chargers took full advantage of this privilege with his new car ... a Smart Car with Hello Kitty on the side! He has posted about it on his Twitter account, complete with pictures. 

Check out this one with he and team mate Cam Thomas in the car with him. Hope that car has good shocks - that's almost 700 lbs!
As those of you who know me are aware, I am a LG who likes football. It is VERY seldom one might get to combine LG interests and Football interests. I'm happy to have been able to do it twice so far in this blog. Anyway - now you can get a Hello Kitty car, and if anyone says anything, just tell them you are emulating your football hero, Antonio Garay.  Thanks from LGs everywhere, Antonio!

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