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Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday: What if...?

What if you won a large sum of money, but you had to spend it on your LG self (what a tragedy! ;-) )? What kinds of things would you buy? I'd really love to see your comments on this and I think others would be as well, if you could just press the little comment button. You don't have to register or use a real name or anything! I don't want this to be just a blog where I speak and everyone else just listens (reads) - though there are many who will readily say that I do enjoy the sound of my own voice! ;-)

One thing I would so love to do, if the money was enough, is to build a certain room in a house. Have you ever seen The Haunting? I absolutely fell in love with the room that had the mirrors all the way around and a carousel. I want one!!

Here is a Youtube clip of a scene with that room: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFlurIYxTfw

And what of the rest of the house? I would want to decorate it in such a fashion as that it would be a refuge for myself and my friends. I would have bedrooms decorated in the following fashions: (Which one would you want to stay in? Comment!)

Perhaps a room recalling the carousel would be fun.
For the whole room: http://www.lunamurals.com/Carousel_Room_3.html
The ceiling -

A fairy themed nursery is a must - http://www.lunamurals.com/Fairy_Tree_Nursery.html

One room would just have to house this $3,000 hand painted round crib/cradle/rocking horse combo ... maybe it should go in the carousel bedroom?

We simply MUST have this Cinderella Carriage crib!!!

But we won't forget the older girls who would never want to sleep in a baby's crib. There are Cinderella beds for them as well:


A room fit for a future prima donna ballerina:

Other furniture besides beds would have to fit in the theme:

One thing I always like at LG Camp is that many girls will put signs on their doors to let you know who is staying in what room. So we'd have to have some of these made up:

To get one NOW, go to: http://www.etsy.com/listing/22917743/personalized-hello-kitty-little-girls

If I ever had the sum of money to do it - I'd have a house like this. What would you want to do with it?


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  2. I'd get laser hair removal done from my neck down. That would do more to make me feel like a LG than anything else.

  3. Two things: Set up an account to generate funds for UK Camp and
    Establish a bursary for girls who'd struggle to go to camp.